Long Halloween

Long Halloween
Faneditor Name:
Fanedit Type:
Original Release Date:
1978, 1981
Original Running Time:
183 minutes
Fanedit Release Date:
Fanedit Running Time:
110 minutes
Time Cut:
73 minutes
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Brief Synopsis:
Halloween (1978) and Halloween II (1981) edited into one 110 min movie. Halloween has been trimmed for pacing and Halloween II has been greatly streamlined to focus on Laurie, excluding most of the other characters and kills.
There is a lot to love in Halloween II, but it reflects the shift in horror movies between 1978 and 1981, when it became all about the kills. I wanted to put the focus back on Laurie, Loomis, and Michael, reducing the gratuitous nature of the second film. My intention was to invisibly stitch Halloween and Halloween II together, keeping the tone consistent. In my parallel universe, LONG HALLOWEEN was the film released in 1978.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
List of changes:

Added Darth Awesome tag and disclaimer
Modified Halloween title sequence
Cut Laurie seeing trick-or-treaters, "thought you outgrew superstition"
Cut Laurie being picked up by Annie
Cut the back-and-forth between Annie and Laurie's houses
Cut Laundry Room sequence
Cut phone call from Paul
Trimmed Annie's pre-death walk
Cut back-and-forth between Linda and Laurie on phone
Cut Laurie pleading to neighbors for help
New seamless transition into Halloween II
Cut Loomis warning neighbor "you don't know what death is!"
Cut Michael killing random girl
Trimmed scene of Michael getting new knife
Cut Laurie being picked up by ambulance
Cut every interaction between Laurie and Jimmy
Cut ambulance arrival at hospital
Cut mom and razorblade kid arrival
Trimmed Loomis and Sheriff dialog in cop car
Cut all character development and death scenes for Jimmy, Budd, Mrs. Alves, Dr. Mixter, and Janet.
Karen is completely gone
Cut return to Myers house
Cut "phones are dead" sequence
trimmed Mr. Garrett death scene
re-jiggered Marion's arrival to school
Cut all references to Samhain
Trimmed hospital aftermath scene. No mention of "10 dead"
Replaced "Mr. Sandman" outtro with Halloween theme
Added "it was the boogeyman" voiceover at end
New end credits

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