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When I first viewed "The Lone Ranger", I was disappointed, to say the least. Not sure how Johnny Depp has managed to hypnotize Hollywood executives into making everything that he is in the Johnny Depp show, but it happened here, and definitely to the movie's detriment. Modernknife fixes that. The movie still isn't the greatest, but Modernknife manages to put the best possible polish on a turd of a movie.

The format that I viewed was a DVD-5. Menu - Curtains open, the logo appears with "Play", Simple, but well done.

Video and audio quality were excellent, even on a DVD-5. No glitches or hard edits that I noticed. So much was cut from the film that I expected problems--I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn't notice most of the cuts, and the ones I did notice were still well-executed.

Story-wise, the best adjective I can use is tight. Modernknife cut the film ruthlessly, and got rid of everything that slowed down the theatrical release. This version works much better. The film is still flawed, but it is now watchable, even enjoyable.

This will be the one that I show my friends. Well done!

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