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FanFix August 27, 2022 1549
(Updated: October 15, 2023)
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An IMPROVEMENT...definitely....

There is no question that the technical aspect of this edit are spot on...and that this would be my GOTO version if I ever feel i must watch a Dalton 007 escapade again.

The poor humour is reomved, the pacing is better and the feel overall is a vast imrovement. But what this edit (and others) cannot do for me, is alter the dour, sour, lack of power performance of Mr Dalton.

I find this 007 is charmless, without a glib attitude and frankly ...wooden. It feels like a chair is throw into the room when ever 007 appears on the screen.

The theatrical version would have a 6 score from me, and narrative8, so I have upgraded that...the improvemnt is there for all to see, however, short of using DEEPFAKE and vocal AI to alter the principal protagonist, for me the two TD entries in the 007 franchise are just a miscasting of biblical proportions.

The huge number of trims, micro edits and score replacements are all top notch...and though in a few places Kame's score can be detected when it has been replaced, I have not marked this down.

If you are a TD fan, then HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
If you are a 007 fan, this is a great improvement...without question.

Alas...for this viewer though...BRAVO, but I won't be revisiting.

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