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This is a review of the Oliver Luddy "Death to Spies" fan edit, not of the film in general...

TLD is my personal favourite of the Bond film - if for any reason then this likely because it was the *first* Bond film I saw and by which I measure all others. So it was with some trepidation I sat down to watch this fan edit. I've seen fan edits before, but this is my first go at reviewing one.

The main problem with TLD is one that can't really be fixed without an edit leaving the viewer going "But, what about...?", which is the anticlimax of Bond dealing with Whitaker after the Russian airbase and flight sequence. That out of the way, Luddy's edit is an attempt to tighten up the narrative, make Kara seem less dippy, and tone down some of the odd humour choices. In all those respects I think he's succeeded with the edit. Does it go as far as I might have been tempted? No, but we can't fault him for that.

There were a couple of moments of humour I would have trimmed and instead of just altering the final shot of the title sequence, it would have been nice to replace the whole thing (it's clearly one of Binder's worst pieces of work) - but these wishes don't detract from the edit.

Recommended if you'd like a slightly different version of the film as a change of pace.

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