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FanFix September 15, 2019 4954
(Updated: October 15, 2023)
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There is no question that the editor here has vastly improve how this film plays and more importantly how Timothy Dalton comes across as Bond.

For me the issue remains that I generally find Mr D to be generally wooden and dour, and there is not much one can do to fix that.

The technicals on this edit are seamless and its 10s across the board from me on that. All of them go a major distance in improving the tone, pace and ambience of the film overall making it a tolerable entry from my POV. Even with all that however, the central issue remains for me, and that is central star casting which for me remains an issue. Unaltered this 007 entry would rank a 5 or 6 from me so I am elevating that to an 8; this reflects a huge leap delivered by the editor's skills, but to get to a 9 I would need to be enjoying 'him' per-se, and the performance and interpretation for me remain a challenge to watch despite the huge improvement.

There is no question that if I decide to rewatch this again (and I recently reviewed another version) it will be this version, though I doubt I will be doing that any time soon.

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