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It has been a very long time since I watched this movie. It quite simply was not very good. I was looking for Marvel edits and came across this. I saw 49 minutes were cut, scenes rearranged, and a revised musical score. I felt the editor did as good a job as possible given the material he had to work with.

The video quality at times seemed to be a bit compressed. I am unsure if that came from the file being compressed or the source of the video. That could be the effect of the film grain. I do know the CGI in this movie is clearly dated by present standards. Overall, video quality was decent. There were no noticeable audio issues with the new musical score, which I believed were a definite improvement.

As for the narrative itself, I did not miss all the extraneous plot elements cut out. Getting right to the point helped improve the story tremendously. I liked the Johhny Blaze scenes repurposed as flashback-dream sequences. It connected the plot better and also aids with better pacing. The editor nicely moved a scene to the mid-credits to establish the Ghost Rider continuing a life of fighting crime as Blaze referenced at the end of the movie that he wanted to keep the curse.

Unfortunately, the editor cannot fix what I considered 'wooden' acting from the actors. They all came across as robotic to me for much of the movie, which hindered my enjoyment. There is also not much that can be done with the weak narrative in that nobody can harm the Ghost Rider except Blackheart, which really eliminates any feeling of tension as nothing is at stake.

I want to thank the editor for sharing the edit with me. He likely did as good a job with this movie that one possibly can do to fix it. I do feel comfortable recommending this edit to others, but it will not be for everyone as the campiness of the movie cannot be removed.

Job well done Josephdquinn!

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Owner's reply March 05, 2024

Thank you so much for the honest review! I love it. I couldn't agree more with your take. At it's core, this movie is still campy and ridiculous and that's not going to be for everybody. Cheers!

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