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TV-to-Movie June 20, 2012 2713
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"Have you ever held a gun, or taken a man's life, or tasted human flesh?"
Well that escalated quickly.

Finally got around to watching this. This edit takes the single-season show Kingpin from 2003 and edits it down to a 1hr 46min film. It's well edited and rapidly paced. A LOT of cuts here, but nearly all are well smoothed out and invisible. Main problem is the the story itself, it suffers from underdeveloped characters and a mediocre plot. But there is a lot less of it and Adabisi has kept it quite focussed throughout to tell a straightforward drug lord tale. I liked the closing credits, although the text went by too quickly.

Even though it's not on the same level, the show feels like a precursor to Breaking Bad whilst also showing influence from The Sopranos.
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