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(Updated: March 09, 2023)
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Mortal Kombat 95 is a fun film, it's still the best MK adaptation so far, but it lacks that vulgarity, that brut violence, and the squeaky humor that made the games so special. That's where Mortal Bloody Kombat kicks in to level up that bland PG-13, into a Hard R-Rated flick (I insist on the "Hard"), this edit keeps the charm of Paul WS. Anderson's original movie, while gives the overall picture, a more adult-oriented feel, by inserting various scenes from different movies involving the actors, these scenes are extremely well put together, and marvelously flesh out the characters; Johnny is a womanizer who abuses his status as a Hollywood actor to sleep with women, filling them with false promises, only to throw them like garbage after the sexual intercourse. Shang Tsung is a more disturbed and twisted monster who literally takes sexual pleasure in murder. The fight between Kano and Dolph gives more meat to Sonya's quest for vengeance. Mixing movies is a tough job, kudos to Gieferg for making it work here!
The new score is absolutely dope, I really enjoyed recognizing some of the old martial-arts movies tracks here and here, more nostalgia is always a good thing. My only complaint (it's a minor one) is that I would've liked it if Techno Syndrome could've stayed and been used somewhere, even if it was in the final credits.
Anyway, Kombat Bloody Kombat is pure fun, a pleasing experience for MK fans and Grindhouse amateurs. Highly recommended.

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