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(Updated: July 18, 2020)
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Kill Bill and me "We Have Unfinished Business" That is right..... How long did I wait until I found the most authentic to date fan edit to the unreleased 'YET" Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair.

As Milkman Conspiracy mentioned, Quentin Tarantino has screened the full original cut of the movie, dubbed Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair, a few times over the years. The cut is not dramatically different from V1 and 2, it does feature some notable differences. If you own the famous Japanese DVDs you probably know the differences already from the theatrical releases.

I only saw the duology once in the cinema's and from there I only watched the above Japanese versions. This edit matches the Japanese versions of volumes 1 and 2, and therefore Tarantino's own cut of TWBA. I watched a few other similar edits in the past and I can assure you 100%, this is probably the closest cut you will ever find beside the Tarantino original release.

Milkman Conspiracy did an amazing job here. Not only he is true with the original release, but the technical aspect of his fan edit is top-notch. The House of Blue Leaves fight is finally in HD. I have been stuck with the DVD quality for so long. It was really a pleasure to rediscover the infamous fight in high def standards.

The picture and sound quality are perfect. The pacing and edit of the 2 movies are well kept and I did not notice any weird cuts or audio issues. It was not an easy task to attack 2 cults classic like this and I am very grateful to TheMilkmanConspiracy to take the time and the efforts to provide me with a definitive version of The Whole Bloody Affair.

I can finally leave my precious Japanese Kill Bill DVDs to rest :)

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