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Hello everyone, It's been while since left a review n been round these parts. So here it is.

When the first KA came out, I enjoyed it immensely. It was a pretty outstanding film. I had read the comic and thought it was okay. But felt like it did give an idea of what could possibly ensue if someone had decided to put on a suit n become the worlds first superhero. I had also began looking forward to and hoping that there'd be a sequel.

Then KA 2 came out, read the comic first. Felt like it was bigger but filled with less superheroic moments. Felt like it was made to be more outrageous and absurd. So, was still looking forward to the film. Even tho, there were aspects of the comic that I were hoping that wouldnt get adapted. Then I saw the film. And it felt like something was missing. It was missing that spark that made the first film good. Even tho, it was making things a bit more outrageous and bigger than before.

Well, I can say that I think Bob has definitely been able to lose some of the more annoying elements. He was able to mold it into a bit more of a more heroic film with what he had to work with. This is definitely my go to version of KA2 now. The editing of the little elements being removed has made this a better film, imo. And the editing was pretty seamless. Really solid job.

There still was the whole HG-High school subplot that still irks me a little bit. However, there was nothing could be done bout that really cause it's part of Hitgirl's story.

Again, I'd highly recommend this to those that are looking for something that has a bit more of the similar spark that the first KA did.

Overall: 10 out of 10.

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