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This is a more balanced movie, neither too light or dark, very much in line with Bronze age sensibilties as laid out in Bob's mandates at the beginning of the edit.

I loved the various choices of music for the edit, that track that plays during Arthur and Steppenwolf is a pure metal banger...the only track I didn't like was the use of "Hurt" by Johnny Cash. I just find that one of the most overplayed songs to use in anything. Doesn't deter from the overall enjoyment of the full edit, but it is a gripe I have.

I appreciated everything leading into the main feature, creating a more authentic theatrical feel and giving kudos to other editors past projects. I'd already seen Bob's end credits in the In The Works thread but it's still good to see form part of the feature, not a whole lot of comic book movies pull from this sort of thing and it'd be nice if they did, just to show the companies aren't embarrassed of where this stuff comes from.

Overall, Bob delivers on his promise and we get a great merger of both directors visions with none of their short-comings too visible or leading to difficult distraction. JL could have been the perfect movie if there was better communication between directors, this at least gives us an insight into how that process could have worked out for the best.
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