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So I really enjoyed it as an alternative version, all the good stuff from TC is included so now there is no need at all to revisit that garbage.

It looks like the extended cut of TC, but without bad humour, cheap-ass substitute scenes (like Martha-Lois talk from TC, bleh), either your cuts remind me of TC (transition from bank fight to Themiscira) or you use trimmed parts from there - and it really helps the pacing. Love the Whedon-cut additions: Flash pep talk, Batman rooftop fight or the after credits sceme - nice callback to the comics ;). Anyway, the opening credits are great and really worked with Elfman's score, which we can hear here and there. Also, starting and ending with Lois - great idea, it really worked, the opening is even more emotional with scenes from BvS.

If I can say something negative, then I don't really like using TC of Gordon scene. I mean Batman 89 theme is a nice tribute as is Williams theme, I can understand that, but Flash looking at Cyborg like an idiot or showing a piece of torn paper instead of Batman on a gargoyle - that's... so Whedon. There are also some minor bits when it comes to video editing, but it can happen on any fanedit so no problem with that.

So it's really enjoyable alternate version to Snyder's original, with good trimms, storytelling choices and neat ideas (like opening credits or puttinng this time Lois as the heart of the movie). So I really recommend this, especially for polish audience because polish lector (Borowiec) is avaible ;)

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