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Reviewed by Gatos on May 17, 2012

LastSurvivor is a faneditor whose work I respect and enjoy. So when I read about his plans for Jaws 3 I realized how passionate he was about the project and I realized I was gonna have to buy Jaws 3 so I could see this edit. So my Jaws 3 dvd is still wrapped in plastic and will probably remain so.

As usual I didn’t read any other reviews before writing this. The edit itself, excellent on the technical end. Listening to some of LS’s commentary helped fill in the details on a lot of the hard work he had to do on this edit. I was particularly impressed with the audio work on the opening scene, and I also thought the instance of filtering what was originally a day scene and making it look like night. I honestly wouldn’t have known had I not listened to the commentary. Nice touch with making yourself the DJ! If I ever need a voice over actor I know who to hire.

The movie itself, I didn’t really enjoy it that much, but that’s just me. The new ending was extremely creative though. However I did really enjoy Ghost Shark. Cool closing credits.

The documentary was great and is probably my favorite part of the whole edit. I followed the In-the-Works thread on a regular basis and know how time consuming it was to put this special feature together. Very interesting to hear all the training the actors went through. The tank that they built to film the underwater scenes was cool. I was surprised to learn that so many of the actors in the film were/are embarrassed by their involvement.

These special features definitely raised the bar on what a fanedit release can be. So well done.

Because I didn’t really enjoy the main edit (through no fault of the editor, everyone has different preferences) I rate this an 8/10.
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