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After a visit to my local Cex store I was able to pick up Jaws 3 and 4 for a bargain £1.50 each. The first Jaws film has long been a favorite of mine while I consider Jaws 2 to be a rather underrated sequel. Parts 3 and 4 however I haven't revisited to often as their barley screened here in the UK. I knew part 3 was set within a theme park but had no idea that the Brody family from the first two films were involved. I was also surprised to see Dennis Quaid starring in Jaws 3

Given my lack of knowledge to Jaws 3 I didn't take a look at the changes Last Survivor made but knew the edit would include a new monster and remove some dated 3D effects. After seeing the edit it was hard to see just what else he had done to this film. This is the biggest complement I can give to the editor as the commentary goes into great detail the various changes made I just presumed this to be how the film was originally released.

The added Squid monster fits in perfectly though maybe a bit of back story to the monster would have made for a stronger sub-plot. However seeing the footage on the deleted scenes I think the right de-session was made as it's clear that both films have some years between them. The film it self is a enjoyable B movie flick, a little more family friendly than it's predecessors but it's well acted and the characters are likable.

The bonus feature includes a great documentary with narration by Last Survivor in which we see some interesting ideas / stories regarding Jaws 3. Last Survivor also explains why he wanted to edit the film which is very insightful and I’d recommend to anyone who is just starting out or thinking about becoming a fan editor. The Ghost Shark short film is another welcome inclusion, as with Jaws 3 I haven't seen Jaws 4 in over 20 years but I’m well aware of what people's opinion on the film is. Last Survivor is able to salvage something from the film and turn it in to something watch-able and it looks great in black and white. As with the main feature another entertaining commentary is well worth checking out.

Now that I have Jaws 3 and 4 will I be watching these films in the future? Simple answer to that is NO. why would I when I can just re-watch Jaws 3: Monster. The only criticism against the edit is that maybe you don't get the shear size of the shark given that footage was removed.

So do what I did and get a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy some monster one on one action :)

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