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Video & Audio Quality:

Excellent. Didn't notice any blocking, the picture was sharp, the grain is still there, and the audio track (I listened to the 5.1 track) was good.

Video Editing:

No visual errors, and I could follow it all without any odd continuity issues.

Audio Editing:

No weird cut-offs in the music, folly, or dialogue were heard.

The Movie:

I won't dive too deep into its plot, other than say that it's a bit thin and characterization is weak. It's not too much of an issue because the plot serves its purpose. You'll be watching this for Talos, the hydra, and all the other monsters, and not for the talky bits. The changes that TSM's edits have made to the plot and its acting will need a little more opinion from me, though.

I agree with TSM changes to Acastus. A villain that takes the opportunity to thin out the Argo's numbers when his own life is in peril is a bit of a "too silly to win" kind of villain. A good change there. I also prefer Medea leaving with Jason because of treason and visions instead of love. Makes her less naive, and besides that, the romance between the pair of them up to that point wasn't there to support her love bombing the poor sap.

There is a charm to witnessing a lead and his love interest that are so poorly dubbed you'd think they were extras in a spaghetti western. The actor dubbing Jason's lines is either excited when he should be chill and chill when he should be excited. Medea's dubber sounds bored, and that's at odds with what I'm seeing. It's been a while since I've seen the studio cut, but I'm curious how funny the casts' acting was before TSM's edits toned them down. It's a big plus that there are no more awkward pauses, especially when Jason is chatting with the gods

Pacing and enjoyment:

Neither too slow nor too fast. It sails by at a comfortable pace.

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