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SO...this is a case of "this is how I recall this movie", but when you go back, IT's NOT! That is PROOF of a great piece of work.

Audio/Video Quality: 10
There are no issues to report here given the source material drops in quality whenever we hot Stop Frame animation but that is the nature of the beast and using rear-screen for your production backdrop. So no loss compare to the source material, and I have the best version released to date.

Visual Editing: 10
Visual editing is superb and I have to say I was no convinced this could improve on the original BUT it does. The enhancements to the animation are sensitive and not overdone and as such sequences I know by heart look even better. There is still some staccato effect but it is vastly improved and just looks terrific frankly, The visual trims also keep the momentum of the scenes moving naturally without the extended reveals that dragged on.

Audio Editing: 9
I must say, as noted below, apart from medea feeling a tad rushed, I could not spot the trims...and when I went back to the source, OH BOY DOES IT NEED IT by today's standards; having said that, the dialogue still has room to breath and the narrative does flow at a great pace overall without feeling rushed. The foley work is also super and really enhances nailing the reality of the action sequences like never before where applied.

Narrative: 10
I have to go with a 10 here since the original would be an 8/9 and the trims made really do put this movie into ACE storytelling territory

Enjoyment: 10
I am thrilled that Scrib took this on and I can't wait for you to tackle a few more of the stronger entries ("Journey to the Center of the Earth" and "First Men in the Moon" come to mind).

I've watched this twice now, and as soon as my son (grown up son that is) returns from abroad, a third viewing is on the cards.

Owner's reply January 03, 2022

Thank you for the kind words, Wraith. I'm really glad you enjoyed it (and enough to watch it twice!). When you reference Medea being rushed, are you referring to her rescue from the water or her dance (or something else)? You put this under audio editing, so are you referring to a transition rather than the pacing?

I'm not sure when I'll get to them, but "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" and "First Men in the Moon" are both on my list :)

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