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As I hadn't seen many 'Extended Editions' from last year, I thought I'd give this a whirl. I'm not sure why, because as a general rule, I hate Adam Sandler movies... but I'm glad I did give it a watch. This film has a reputation of being one of the worst movies ever made but it's far from it in my opinion. It might well be one of the worst comedies ever though, as I remember only laughing once (The Skype gag at 18m24s) and 99% of the gags seemed to involve weak looking CGI (Not a good sign for a comedy).

However I started to really enjoy it because of the two characters. Jack comes across as a complete asshole, cold, selfish and humourless... I'm not sure Sandler intended him to come over as such a douche bag though (I think he's just playing himself LOL). But his sister Jill comes across as genuine, warm, kind-hearted and adorable person... again I'm not sure Sandler intended it that way, as the "Joke" seems to be that she's obnoxious and irritating. These character dynamics reminded me a little of Disney's wonderful 'Enchanted'.

As for the rest of the cast... the two kids are great and I liked the son's line "What are you gonna wear daddy?... in hell!" (The kid seems to have a bead on what an asshat his father is). Al Pacino gives the best performance he's given in years (Not difficult). The rest of the cameos were fairly tiresome though. Not being American, I didn't have a clue who half of them were but I still knew they were celeb cameos anyway (They are that badly handled). Lastly, Katie Holmes is Katie Holmes, so I didn't expect much.

Overall I seriously enjoyed this because I really cared about the Jill character. She seemed such a positive person, despite having little in her quietly lonely life to be positive about. While her vile brother has everything in the world, yet still finds time to bully his employees for his own casual amusement. I loved the happy ending and it's only a shame that Jill's charming relationship with Felipe got a bit short-changed in favour of more screen time for Pacino.

Anyway, onto the edit...

The sound editing was very nice and for the most part so was the visual side. There were a few of the inserted scenes that really stood out though because the colour-correction wasn't quite there (Mostly involving Pacino's scenes). The way they were integrated though was almost seemless.

In conclusion, if you lower your expectations a bit and don't expect to laugh, you just might be glad you watched this. I'd like to see an edit that stripped out all the bad attempts at humour and just focused on the story.

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