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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
September 1, 2010

Indy 4.. Why George? Why?. No need to recount the colossal FAIL that this movie turned out to be despite it’s insane Box Office receipts. If you’re reading this, you know the history.

Q2 has done an admirable job of improving the worst of the Indy franchise, a worth wile watch for anyone that wants to watch a more tolerable version of Crystal Skull.

Technical Quality
I watched the Single Layer DVD 5 on a 52″ Plasma. The image quality was overall very good, I noticed no artifacting or outrageous compression. For a SL presentation, it was right where you’d expect it to be. Audio quality was fine, I didn’t have to fuss with the volume for adjustment purposes of correcting sudden level changes. Well done.

The Good: Q2′s handling of the Nuclear Test sequence was simply fantastic. It flowed wonderfully and if you ‘d never seen the original, you’d never have noticed anything was missing, it goes to show just how useless this sequence was. Likewise, I love the truncated motorcycle chase. It was over-the-top silly and out of place in the Indy Universe in my opinion. Mutt/Tarzan is also deftly handled, more kudos for how this was handled. The worst of the most offending dialog has been removed and again, as a viewer we are none-the-wiser.
The Bad: Most glaringly there were a few flash-frames in various places. Some have been noted by previous reviewers, and I also noticed two in the back of the transport as our heroes are beginning their escape. Beyond that, I simply wish Q2 would have been even more aggressive in his edit. As much as was removed, much more could have been taken out without detracting from the narrative.

Overall Enjoyment
Q2′s edit is a definite improvement over the original. The movie still suffers from serious flaws, many far beyond the reach of editing for correction. But if you want to watch Indy 4 as part of an Indy marathon, well, this far superior to the original and cuts out the worst excesses of the original.

Overall Rating
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