Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Covenant Edition

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Covenant Edition

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Covenant Edition
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"The adventure you always wanted"
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Brief Synopsis:
I know this is at least the 5th edit of KOTCS out there, so sue me ;) I've removed an additional 3 scenes (Present in all other edits as far as I know) and the partial retention of Mutt's heroics makes this somewhat unique I hope. For me, Mutt needs those swashbuckling Errol Flynn moments to keep his character alive... he just doesn't need to do acrobatics across two Jeeps and have a spiritual bond with a bunch of CGI monkeys. Let the adventure begin!
I started on a KOTCS edit a while back and ended up boring myself with it at around the time they get to the Conquistador Tomb. I found it so boring that it actually made it difficult to drag up the will to continue editing KOTCS! But after viewing njvc's excellent 'Raiders of the Lost Skull' edit I realised what was in my opinion really wrong with KOTCS. Since njvc had skillfully removed all the offensive material like CGI goffers, Mutt doing the splits, the fridge, the CGI flying saucer etc, those irritations no longer distracted my eye. So I could finally see what was left with fresh eyes. It was clear that in the original cut, between Indy escaping Doom Town and the quicksand scene, there was 47 minutes of near solid exposition (With only the brief bike chase to break it up). It goes...

Exciting Roswell Chase / Sit in AirForce base explaining the plot / Sit in Indys home explaining the plot / Sit in Cafe explaining the plot / Exciting Bike Chase / Walk through market explaining the plot / Stand in cell explaining the plot / Explore tomb while explaning the plot / Tie Indy to chair while explaining the plot to him / Mildy Fun Quicksand Scene

... so if I could cut this portion of the movie back to it's barest minimum the film woud finally flow. After alot of thinking the obvious removals were 'The CIA debrief', 'Indy returning to college' and 'The Sanitorium'. The first and second scenes setup the unresolved McCarthyism subplot and introduce a roster of characters we never see again. The second only adds further layers of exposition to the already complicated Oxley backstory (In my edit, these and other minor trims account for 14 minutes of the excised footage alone). I completely scrapped my old edit and started again. This time focusing first and foremost on upping the pace of the adventure, removing many long-shots that sapped momentum and featured excessive CGI and complete re-colour of the movie.
Other Sources:
KOTCS CD Soundtrack
Special Thanks:
njvc for his amazing work on KOTCS and for stealing his inspired ending.
Release Information
  • NTSC DVD-5
  • MP4/M4V/MOV
Special Features
14 minute Re-Edited Deleted Scenes Compilation
Editing Details:
General changes include:
- Entire film recoloured/desaturated to be less cartoony/artificial
- All CGI Goffers removed
- Mutt's swordfight and vine-swinging retained but heavily recut
- Doom Town, Debriefing, University and Sanitorium scenes entirely removed
- All footage showing the beings as bug-eyed aliens removed (Plus flying saucer)
- Mac is a double agent, not a quadruple agent
- Emphasis on removing many long shots that either slow down the pace, show excessive scale or are just plagued by bad CGI
Cuts and Additions:
Specific changes include:
00.00.00 Added TM2YC Ident
00.00.08 Added oldskool Lucasfilm logo
00.00.24 CGI goffer replaced with new mountain matte painting
00.00.40 'Covenant Edition' title added
00.02.41 Magic checkpoint massacre removed (But hinted at)
00.04.35 Indy's "Drop Dead" line removed
00.04.39 Indy's "I'm sorry..." line removed
00.05.51 Indy looking at Spalko crosseyed and her flicking his hat removed
00.06.20 Spalko's magic powers removed
00.07.37 Mac's "West" line removed
00.07.59 First part of magnetic-gunpowder sequence removed
00.11.56 Mac's betrayal recut to be a surprise
00.12.33 Indy's "I like Ike" line removed
00.13.02 Indy now makes his first jump
00.13.10 Exploding CGI boxes reduced
00.15.02 More CGI goffers from Rocketsled sequence removed
00.15.18 Indy waking up shot reduced
00.15.31 Indy falling over removed
00.16.11 9 minute Doom Towm, Debriefing and University sequences entirely removed
00.16.19 Indy looking sad as he boards the train removed
00.17.13 Dialogue about Oxley being boring removed
00.17.54 Dialogue about other Crystal Skulls removed
00.22.15 Indy motorcycle sking removed
00.23.24 Closeup shot of Brody plaque removed
00.23.32 Rest of bike chase through library removed
00.23.40 Letter translation exposition reduced
00.25.40 Mention of Oxley being in a Sanitorium removed
00.26.54 Shot of Indy and Mutt entering the Sanitorium recut
00.26.57 Sanitorium sequence entirely removed
00.29.14 Indys "Part time" line removed
00.29.25 Mutt combing his hair and shaking removed
00.31.15 Dialogue refrencing Ox's cell and discussing skulls removed
00.31.25 Mutt's "You're going nowhere fast" line removed
00.32.29 Redundant dialogue about footprints removed
00.33.38 Knife swapping sequence removed
00.36.39 Discussion about returning the skull removed
00.40.04 Indy's "Come on?!" line removed
00.40.51 Removed explanation dialogue
00.41.12 Oxley dancing removed
00.44.17 Removed Indy face wobble
00.45.32 Removed Indy's goofy reaction to seeing Marion
00.46.17 End of arguement with Marion removed
00.47.19 Oxley's "Three times it drops" dialogue removed
00.49.34 Sinking into the sand shortened
00.49.51 Indy talking about quick sand removed
00.50.18 Discussion about Mutt shortened
00.50.51 All shots of snake removed
00.51.07 Indy's "Good work Ox" line removed
00.51.12 Start of long pan-out from Tractor removed
00.51.21 End of long pan-out from Tractor removed
00.53.11 Sound of Indy ripping his pants and Mutt saying "Oh shit!" removed
00.53.41 Long shot of Marion grinning removed
00.54.30 Two shots of bouncing saw removed
00.54.33 Shot of bouncing saw removed
00.54.42 Indy's "Pull up next to that duck" line removed
00.55.55 Indy telling Mutt to not be a child removed
00.57.35 Two long shots of Mutt dueling Spalko removed
00.57.46 Long shot of Mutt dueling Spalko removed
00.58.06 Mariion getting whacked by a branch removed
00.58.07 Mutt doing the splits sequence removed
00.58.11 Shot of Mutt doing the splits again removed
00.58.21 Spalko firing the jeep gun removed
00.58.24 Shot of Marion un-ducking removed
00.58.43 Marion grunting shortened
00.59.05 Shot of Mutt wobbling removed
00.59.19 Shots of Mutt and Indy noticing the vine removed
00.59.24 Four shots of Mutt having a long look at the Monkeys removed
00.59.28 Mutt beginning to swing brought forward
00.59.36 Long shot of canyon chase shortened
00.59.36 Mutt swinging shots shortened or removed
00.59.45 Long shot of canyon chase removed
00.59.47 Shot of Mac and another long shot removed to create new match cut
01.00.05 Second vine swinging sequence drastically shortened
01.00.21 Shots of monkeys attacking the jeep removed
01.00.27 Two shots of Monkeys still attacking shortened and removed
01.00.31 Monkey surviving and "Whoa" dialogue removed
01.00.39 Shots of Spalko's Jeep flying shortened
01.00.51 Shot of Spalko trembling about the ant removed
01.01.28 Shot of ants shortened
01.02.01 Marion driving the jeep near the cliff edge removed
01.02.28 Shot of ants crowding round Spalko removed
01.03.02 Indy being picked up by his ear and Ants climbing after Spalko removed
01.03.03 More fighting removed to make new match cut
01.03.35 Closeup of guy drowning in ants and two reaction shots removed
01.03.37 Two shots of the ants carrying his body removed
01.04.22 Long shot showing height of cliff removed
01.04.30 Shot of jeep leaping removed and next shot heavily cropped and shortened to reduce scale
01.04.44 All footage of springing tree and falling Russians removed
01.04.45 Next shot of jeep cropped closer
01.04.50 Shot of Spalko shortened to again reduce scale
01.04.55 Ox's "Three times it drops" line removed
01.05.07 All footage of 3 waterfalls recut and mixed up so there is just one now
01.05.21 Scramble ashore recut to remove catatonic Marion
01.05.26 Shot of Indy brought forward so he sees the next step first
01.05.33 Mutt's lines shortened and redubbed
01.05.36 Dialogue rehashing why the Skull must be returned removed
01.10.00 Shot of Spalko picking up a beacon removed
01.10.48 Circling round the obelisk and mention of Ox's cell removed
01.12.33 Long shot of chamber removed
01.14.05 Shot of Mac dropping a beacon removed
01.14.10 Shot of Spalko picking up a beacon removed
01.17.22 All footage of Mac's triple-cross removed
01.17.39 Spalko's dialogue and walk round the temple removed
01.19.01 Indy's "A big gift" line removed
01.20.43 Shot of space ship claw thing opening removed
01.22.14 Shot of Mac hanging on and Aliens merging removed
01.22.23 Two shts showing the Alien removed
01.22.25 Shot that showed the Alien shortened and cropped
01.23.33 All footage of the flying saucer removed
01.23.34 Shot of water washing away evidence cropped to remove Indy
01.23.36 Indy reaction shot used to breakup water footage
01.25.19 New credits sequence added with KOTCS CD soundtrack finale dubbed on
01.31.51 Recut wedding added as Marvel-style post credits sequence
01.31.53 Two running shots shortened and cropped to remove Jim Broadbent
01.31.54 Jim Broadbent's dialogue about the lettering removed
01.31.55 Shot of Jim Broadbent getting the bible shortened and cropped
01.32.21 Shot of Jim Broadbent and part of the wedding vows removed
01.32.30 Shot of Oxley cropped to remove Jim Broadbent
01.32.35 Shot of Oxley removed
01.32.41 Shot of Oxley removed and "Well done Henry" line redubbed
01.32.44 Shot of Mutt cropped to minimise Jim Broadbent
01.33.15 Fade to black before original credits role

FanEdit Length: 92 minutes
Original Film Length: 122 minutes
Time removed: 30 minutes
Major cuts: 122
Cover art by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE) image

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Audio/Video Quality 
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Audio Editing 

Whilst I was too young to see the originals in theatres, I grew up with them on home video and they were my go to films, second behind the Superman series when I was looking for fun and adventure. I actually enjoyed Indiana Jones 4 when I first saw in the theatre. However on repeated viewings of the Crystal Skull I realised it was the experience of seeing Indy on the big screen that I enjoyed rather than the movie itself.

Could Indiana Jones 4 be saved? TM2YC's fan edit of the Crystal Skull seemed like a good place to start.

With 30 minutes cut this isn't a conservative edit. TM2YC felt the middle of the film had too much exposition, as a result extensive cuts are made. However I always found the drawn out action towards the end to be the real downer.

Despite a cool transition from the warehouse scene to Indy on the train I felt too much set-up was missing and that we arrived at the third act too quickly.

That said there's plenty to like in this edit. Most of what fans would call offensive has been removed, though I would have liked to see no monkeys and Jeep sword fighting and the post credits wedding scene felt a little tacked on.

Picture quality is great with improved colour design and less overblown saturation and the editing was pretty much faultless. Overall a very solid fan edit.

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All I can say is wow! Outstanding edit here. After watching this movie in theatre, I never would have thought I could rate this as being close to as good as Raiders. The pacing, the action now, the humor, THIS is now a Indiana Jones movie. Never in a million years would I think I could have a blast with this movie. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for improving this turd and actually making it a very fun movie. Far too many cuts to mention, I loved them all. People watch it!

Enjoyment: Original: D+
Enjoyment: Covenant Edition: A-

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(Updated: January 26, 2014)
Overall rating 
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some things are be left alone, and the Indiana jones trilogy is perhaps the best example. after a long period the fourth film for me like many was a disappointment. though my own personal expectations weren't too high after seeing what George Lucas did with the star wars prequels. and so as with the star wars prequels many faneditors have tired to give the fourth Indiana jones film a make over

TM2YC edit is solid attempt in trying to improve the film, gone is the nuke town to which coined the phrase 'nuke the fridge'. to be honest i didn't mind this sequence it gave us a iconic image of indy standing near the mushroom cloud and is no more plausible to other events that have taken place within the series. that being said the removal here is done well and moves the story along at a quicker pace.

one of the main issues with the original film was the character of mac and his continued flipping from one side to the other. this character is poorly written and i don't feel it's a good performance from the normally solid ray winstone. the editing is done really well though his character has little to do towards the end of the film. it is also obvious that it's his hand that pointing the gun at the end but a editor can only work with what he has.

the only thing that stood out as being awkward was the car/cliff jump. the editing here seemed to imply that the cliff wasn't so high and wasn't that great a risk. also the pit/snake scene perhaps should have been left alone. it's a terrible scene to begin with and only serves to remind us of Indiana's fever of snakes. i feel with some edits perhaps editors try and change to much and sometimes some things should just be left alone (no matter how bad they maybe)

but looking at the cut-list there are a lot of changes made all of which are done to a very high standard. overall i enjoyed this version more than the original but it's still a average film within a excellent film series.

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Owner's reply

Yes I agree, the Snake and the Tree/Jeep jump removals aren't really good enough but I couldn't except a big rubber snake and that awful Jeep scene remaining in a cut I wanted to watch, so yeah I pushed it on those two spots.

Check out TMBTM's new edit for a much better dispatching of the Jeep jump's silliness. He resorted to some clever and seemless FX work (Which is way beyond my skills or software).

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(Updated: January 03, 2014)
Overall rating 
Audio/Video Quality 
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Audio Editing 

Like most - KoTCS - I try to make believe it doesn't exist. There's no fourth film in my world. I'd watched a couple edits and they were still full of issues I hated. So I noted the film was on last night and thought, isn't there a new edit out there? Which is getting the hightest ratings?

Turns out it's TM2YC.

Had high hopes for this edit and I have to say, overall, this is a great improvement over the original film. Massive sequence removals just go to prove that they weren't needed at all. (I've always hated Boomtown) - but the removals of interrogation and university were the most bold and totally not missed.

I completely forgot about the goafers. Didn't even notice!

Edit wise, I noticed nothing abrupt or jarring. Picture is good. There may have been a few audio transitions that were a little notable, but then I'm looking for those things.

The film does feel a little short now and moves at quickened pace, perhaps a little faster than the first three Indy films. There's no pondering moments or pause for reflection, but then that wasn't the editors intention. I enjoyed it, but it won't get more than an 8, as I don't like the story that much. I will say that I though the ending was a little abrupt and of course because it's not standard for post credits sequences in Indy films - I didn't know it was there. (BTW - why does Jim Broadbent get a credit???)

If you're looking for an edit of this 4th installment of Indy that you won't hate - you can't go wrong here. Well done.

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Overall rating 
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Good fanedit. Quality was great. Editing overall was good but a little sloppy at times. Could have spent more time on some things, such as the opening shot transitions. Color correction is pretty damn solid, great work on that. Movie is much more bearable. Recommended.

A/V Quality - 10
Editing - 8 visual, 10 audio
Narrative - 7
Enjoyment - 7 (original 4)

Recommended drink: Popov vodka, Brita filtered 3x

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