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(Updated: October 19, 2017)
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Great little short. I Am Legend was a fairly average movie with some good scenes. The film was well set up, but the laughable Darkseekers and weak ending left a bad taste in your mouth.

The editor here has done a great job of using material from the stronger section of the film to create a simple short story about a man, seemingly the last, with only a dog for company. Is there something sinister going on? Or is isolation beginning to affect his mind? It's left ambiguous, as it should be.

Those who watch this and feel cheated in terms of the narrative shouldn't be. Short films are not meant to do the job of feature films in a fraction of the time. They are an experimental format, often used to explore ideas. This is one such short, and it was thoroughly enjoyed.

Side note: My only qualm, which is purely preferential, is I was surprised (given the subject matter) that the editor didn't make use of any of the scenes involving the mannequins. Although, I imagine doing so may have hinted too far one way in terms of Will's mental state.

Oh, and nice choice of music ;)

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