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(Updated: October 30, 2022)
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This is the kind of fan-edit that I love. Original, creative and a really fun challenge for the editor.
Kate is an average action thriller with a great lead performance that I was convinced I wouldn't ever watch more than once. But by making it part of the DCEU, and viewing it under the new lens of "gritty comic book movie" it works incredibly well and becomes a "must watch" for fans! I've already watched this edit twice.

The story of guarding a child while hunting down a mob family gives the narrative some surprising parallels to Birds of Prey. Additionally, the flashbacks from Birds of Prey fit seamlessly into this film, and give the character more depth that was lacking in the original Kate. The rearranging of scenes and specifically the decision to reveal the Osaka mission later in the film also worked to make the movie far more intriguing from the get go. At 84 minutes, this movie runs at a breakneck pace! The fight scenes are trimmed and edited masterfully. If I hadn't already seen Kate, I'd never know this was a fan edit.

This is a wonderful follow up to Wakeupkeo's Bird's of Prey edit (the definitive version of that film, in my opinion) and an excellent addition to the DCEU. Also, huge props to the title graphics work that was done here. Looks great!

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