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This one was great for me.
The episodic format especially suits me and my wife to draw it over the week.

Every story episode and ending feels natural.
Video and audio quality is excellent, more color saturation pops the colors and subtitles are available.

An unexpected highlight was the removal of the shield wall jump, great job!

The only awkward cut I noticed is the arrival of the eagles, Thorin's look and posture are too different from the shot before.
It's not even that bad, I just kept returning to it, imagining if it could be improved.
I'm no editor but I feel like it would be better if the eagles arrived at the start of the Thorin-Azog fight (something like Azog smirk->Azog's army->Azog looks up surprised ->Eagles over Thorin) so we have concurrent story stakes.
OR, if you leave the eagles after the fight, then just don't show the eagles over Thorin (Bilbo already announces them) and instead show them and Beorn fighting when Thorin is looking over the cliff.

Anyway, of the few edits I've seen this ticks almost all my boxes and I believe it will become a regular addition to the LOTR marathon.

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