Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Comfort Edition, The

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Brief Synopsis:
Removal of unnecessary, excessive action and cgi to focus more on Bilbo & company's relationships and adventure.
After trying to watch various fanedits of the Hobbit trilogy, I decided to make an edit combining all of my favorite ideas from others along with several of my own.
Other Sources:
An Unexpected Journey (Theatrical Edition)
An Unexpected Journey Original Film Score
vfx from eric1894
Release Information:
Editing Details:
Eliminating the white orc was my main goal, as well as various attempts at humor that felt out of place for me. I also removed most of the flashbacks as they usually involved the white orc, and all the cutting away felt like interruptions to the main journey, as well as involving rather poor cgi.
Cuts and Additions:
-prologue flashback (zoomed on Bilbo to remove "60 years ago")
-dwarf nonsense at Bilbo's & crack the plates
-bombur snoring moths
-Thorin flashback/Azog
-Radagast intro
-trimmed some troll nonsense
-Radagast warning, morgul blade/flashback, sleigh ride
-slingshot fail
-trimmed some bad jokes at Rivendell dinner & Azog references
-weathertop scene
-some dwarf silliness at Rivendell
-Saruman ranting about Radagast
-stone giants
-Azog in rain
-trimmed fall in porch crevasse
-removed silly noise as bilbo falls
-used theatrical dwarves brought before goblin king, no singing
-another goblin king song (transition to orcrist/gandalf arrival)
-moved bilbo waking to after gandalf shows up to save dwarves
-bilbo seeing gollum drop ring and kill orc
-joined bilbo/gollum scenes
-goblin tunnel chase that was placed between bilbo/gollum scenes
-Azog appearance (added warg howls)
-restructured pine trees sequence to remove Azog
-trimmed eagle flight and carrock to remove injured Thorin (used eric1894 vfx shots)

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