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The openings nicely parallel each other as both characters in the duel narrative lose someone to an armed killer which also has the benefit of subtlety foreshadowing said characters connection to one another and speaking of connections I can tell that you carefully thought out how to link each scene to the next with one good example being how you used Madeleine Swann’s occupation to lead into the interrogation scene as both instances link to the field of psychology and criminology and help to drive the narrative further forward.

Said narrative is now far more focused and easier to follow with the faster sequence of rearranged events in this new continuity heightening and maintaining the tension as said tension builds towards the adrenaline fuelled excitement that the Bond films are known for and in many cases gladly dish out to the audience, the sound quality is also amazing with everything playing in both the right channels and ears creating a truly immersive experience. The addition of film grain gave the edit that nostalgic VHS kind of feel and reminded me of the days when I watched the bond movies on VHS which I still own along with the 50th Anniversary Collection on DVD.

It’s interesting that you chose to add the name of Heracles as apart of the title for this edit as well it refers to the nature of Heracles in the film it’s also the name of a greek demi god who is the son of Zeus with superhuman strength who became the ultimate symbol of masculine power and bravery, what I am implying with this comparison is that through his masculine power and bravery Bond was able to overcome and power through many obstacles both physically and emotionally leading to the expression ‘’To perform a herculean task’’ so in a sense the title could also be an allegory for one mustering the will to unleash their inner strength to overcome difficult hurdles in life that may come their way.

The fact that he survives in this cut makes the double meaning all the more fitting and makes the happier ending feel earned, for me this is a self replacer and I am never watching the theatrical cut again unless of course it helps lead to more great edits of this film such as this. After I finished watching the edit I figured I’d take a look at your Behind The Barrel sequence and it’s interesting seeing the software that you used to make it happen along with hearing your voice for the first time, I had no idea that the name ‘’INIGHTMARES’’ was pronounced that way but at least I know how it’s meant to be said now.

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Owner's reply December 03, 2023

Finally read this review. Thanks friend. Appreciate the detailed review greatly.

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