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(Updated: December 09, 2015)
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A/V Quality - Audio was great! The video however was pixelated in certain parts and I noticed combing throughout the whole movie. Watchable but annoying.

Visual Editing - Great!

Audio Editing - Great as well!

Narrative - I loved how this was re-ordered. It really worked. I liked that the scavenger with the spear is saved for the third act. And for the most part the addition of the deleted scenes worked for me as well. I hated that Ellie was cut, for the most part, from the theatrical release. I did find myself being pulled out of the experience on a couple of occasions. The added taxi scenes in the beginning were obviously not the same car so it messed with the continuity. In the bowling alley scene with Chas and John, the song Going Under just seemed out of place to me. The only other time in the film a song with lyrics is used is at Midnite's and it makes sense because it's a club. I would have rather heard more of the film's score which was used beautifully overtop of some of the other deleted scenes. The montage before the Ellie bed scene didn't seem to fit either even though I did get a chuckle out of the bump ahead sign. The addition of Ellie at Midnite's didn't work for me at all. I thought the subtitles was a great idea to fix the repetition of the earlier bed scene, but the dialogue just didn't work with the added British-ness to it. The deleted scenes at the end with Ellie at the hospital and John at Chas' grave were perfect!

Enjoyment - Despite the video quality and the occasional instance of being pulled away from the movie, I did enjoy this edit.

Thank you Jorge! :]X

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