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I saw CRYSTAL SKULL in theaters and, like many, was pretty disappointed. I remember rewatching the trilogy around 2011 and I thought I'd give the movie another chance. Unfortunately, I was bored out of my mind. I hadn't rewatched it since, but with DIAL OF DESTINY around the corner, I thought I'd give it one last chance with one of the many fanedits available.

I'm pleased to say that--shockingly--this was a much more enjoyable experence! The scenes removed help the pacing tremendously and the new HDR grade (from the latest 4K release) does wonders to make it feel closer to the original untouchable three movies.

The edits are for the most part flawless, aside from two moments where I found the removal of dialogue made the result a bit choppy or awkward (when Indy escapes the truck and the very end on top of the flooded temple). Nevertheless, I'm glad I chose this fanedit for what will most likely be my last time watching CRYSTAL SKULL (and I also recommended it to a friend).
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