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(Updated: November 18, 2023)
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I watched Crystal Skull at the cinema and was fairly disappointed - I thought the theme of Roswell/McCarthy Red Scare Era was appropriate but there was far too much silliness throughout the film.

Thankfully this edit cuts all the bits I didn’t like and has generally tightened up the entire movie - it now scoots along like one of the original trilogy, and it’s gone from a film I was never going to watch again to one that I have watched (and enjoyed) twice now.

The editing is almost flawless and I think a first time viewer would be hard-pressed to see the joins if they’d never watched the original. My only two “hmmmm” moments are at the tail end of the CIA interview where Indy asks what he is being accused of - his looking up just before the agents say he is a person of interest doesn’t match the previous shot - and the jungle car chase just prior to the crash - two vehicles swap positions and Mutt suddenly appears in a vehicle footwell - it’s a minor thing and much more preferable to CGI monkey vine swinging!

---EDIT: I've just watched the new cut (the Nuke version) and both these minor issues have been addressed - the jungle sequence now flows much better and I'd be hard pressed to point at any cuts in the interrogation scene. A few of us watched it on a movie night and the two who'd seen it at the cinema said it was much, much better ("I wish I'd seen this version at the pictures") and the one who hadn't said they'd enjoyed it. Top work from DonkeyKonga! Next time I'll watch it on my Quest 3 virtual cinema, it deserves to be on the big screen :D---

Having recently watched the Dial of Destiny, I think this edit still works with regards to Mutt & Indy - although all explicit mentions of parentage have been removed, by the end of the film it’s obvious that Indy has a strong bond with Mutt and what he says in the fifth film still makes sense.

Great edit, and one that I will be showing to a few friends who didn’t like the theatrical release - I’m glad I gave the film a second chance curtesy of DonkeyKonga, and I hope it works for my friends too!

(Watched using Quest 2 virtual cinema app “Skybox VR Player”)

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