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Andreas did it. He fixed The Sorceror's Stone. The first two films in the Harry Potter series have this problem of feeling far too cheery and child-like compared to the darker, more cinematic franchise initiated from Azkaban, and by simply changing the music, re-colouring the movie and making some minor cuts for pacing, Sorceror's Stone: Revisited brings the first entry MUCH closer in line tonally to the rest. The film itself still suffers from being overlong and somewhat dull when compared to the later entries, thanks to Chris Columbus' direction and the far too book-centric screenplay, but Andreas did the best he could, and the best he could should be applauded, with the changes he made fitting perfectly into the rest of the film. This is definitely my preferred version of the first movie now, though I personally miss the scenes featuring Snape that sets him up as the untrustworthy ally for the rest of the series, and though I still see it as one of the weakest entries of the HP movies. Good job!

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