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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
February 14, 2016    
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Truly excellent work.

A/V Quality - 10 - Watched the blu-ray; looked like my blu-ray.
Visual Editing - 10 - Seamless editing throughout. Very professional job.
Audio Editing - 9 - Real unsung hero of the edit here. Subtle audio editing was fantastic and the transitions were spot on. Only thing keeping this from a 10 is the only niggle of the whole edit - a rather abrupt audio transition after Xenophilius Lovegood says "they make one master of death." A minor complaint amongst loads of improvements. I just realized I probably didn't need to type his last name; he's probably the only one. :)
Narrative - 10 - I don't think I missed anything that was cut. The focus of the narrative is really put 100% on Harry, which made the whole film work better in my opinion.
Enjoyment - 10 - Loved it. This completely replaces the theatrical cuts for me.

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeallly minor nitpick which doesn't matter at all: During the end credits, the background is not fully black. Between some of the names, it flashes to pure black for a second then back.

Thanks, Q2 for making the definitive HP finale, in my opinion.

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Thank you for the review! I'm happy you enjoyed the edit, though I must admit I'm embarrassed I never corrected that audio transition. I will fix it and get new copies up as soon as I can.

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Written by aztek463
February 19, 2016
I've noticed what you mentioned about the end credits on other movies (official and fan edits alike) with text-on-black credits. What I've figured that to be is the display actually brightening when something is shown on screen and darkening when there's nothing. It's a strange occurrence, but there you are. :)
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