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7.5 9 10
FanFix August 07, 2012 2858
(Updated: September 07, 2012)
metrostar jul 29 2009

I’ve just finished watching this with my wife, who had never seen the theatrical release. I thought it was a definite improvement on the theatrical release and I would have given it more than 6/10 if it hadn’t been for the awkward dialog between Hancock and Mary in the scenes following the fridge incident. Apart from that, I thought it was very well edited and I loved how it ended. Having never seen the theatrical and with no input from myself, my wife was confused about the fridge being outside and by Mary suddenly dressing in an all black outfit with the eye make-up and the dialog between her and Hancock. Aside from that however, she enjoyed the edit and we both really liked the end credit sequence. We both agreed, after I explained a couple of things, that all the things that were taken out, were not missed. If I was going to watch ‘Hancock’ again, it will be this fan edit.
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