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Halloween (1978) is a movie in which the creator, John Carpenter, put a lot of love and care thus creating one of the most important horror films of all time, Halloween 2 is a movie he wrote the script while drunk so he could get money, thus creating a sequel he hated and which to ignore, but should you too?

Halloween (1978) is a movie with a lot of scary moments and an interesting story that doesn't have any payoff the ending leaves the viewer with a lot of questions that you think the movie is building the plot towards an explanation.

Halloween 2 is the payoff of everything that was built in the first movie, but the movie couldn't keep the same scary tone.

This Fan edit tries to have a consistent scary tone by focusing the story from the point of view of the doctor alongside having some other really good ideas, the new opening is great.
This new approach creates a scary tone that is superior to Halloween 2 but inferior to Halloween 1, although that is expected when you combine Halloween 1 and 2 and this fan edit does a much better job than the other fan edits that combine both movies.

It's the definitive way to experience the story of "The Night He Came" saga
The editing itself is flawless

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