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FanMix July 03, 2022 3195
(Updated: July 12, 2022)
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The opening scene with the Fear the Reaper song was a perfect fit, since the track plays diegetically within the film later on. I enjoyed how the new location & day titlecards displayed alongside the music, flowing from one scene to the next as we follow Doctor Loomis and his relationship with Michael immediately.

The plot is easy to follow. And with how the scenes in the opening are arranged, all the tension throughout is retained. This version of the first two films is well worth anyone's time if they are fans of the series. But even more than that, it is great for people like me that think the first film is a little slow. Since we follow Doctor Loomis from the beginning it keeps things feeling fresh and intriguing. The full runtime is 2hr.18min. and we get to see how truly relentless Michael really is throughout that time.

Jnisch has done a great job of having seamless edits. First time editor too! This version will be my shelf replacer for films 1 & 2 of the franchise. This edit is great and ready for everyone to enjoy.

Strap in, the tension won't let you go!

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