Halloween H20: The Final Showdown

Halloween H20: The Final Showdown
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Brief Synopsis:
After escaping her brother Michael Myers, Laurie Strode relocates to California and takes on a new identity. 20 years later, Michael returns to finish what he started.
My goal with this edit is to bring back a more serious atmosphere like the previous Halloween entries in the franchise and to make it feel more like a successor to the first two movies. I also wanted to make the movie less about Laurie's conflict with her son and more about her confrontation with Michael and also improve the pace of the movie so Laurie's showdown with Michael comes quicker.
Special Thanks:
To everyone that gave me feedback during editing that helped make my edit better.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
Recoloured the whole movie to have a more autumn look
Changed dimension films logo to orange
Trimmed intro & added movie title
Cut John going through medicine cabinet
Cut Laurie & John talking in the kitchen
Cut Laurie going to her office
Cut Ronnie saying "comb your hair"
Cut Laurie & Johns argument
Cut Ronnie saying "Psycho"
Cut Molly receiving flowers and talking to John
Cut Laurie leaving her office and talking to Will
Cut Molly & Sarah in there room
Trimmed Laurie drinking alcohol
Cut Charlie & Sarah preparing food
Cut Will saying "Well, that's sucky"
Cut most of Michael's CGI mask
Cut Charlie saying hi to Michael
Trimmed John punching The Shape
Added scene from Halloween Resurrection
Cut Ronnie talking on the phone
Added scene from Halloween Resurrection
Changed credits to orange
Changed dimension films logo to orange

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