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(Updated: September 07, 2012)
zeppelinrox dec 13 2009

I haven’t seen the original in quite some time but I remember thinking that having all this background on Michael was a bad move.
So I had enjoyed the second half more than the first, in the original.
But in this version, the first half totally out classes the second half.
That was true horror. That kid could really act.
In the second half, just like in the RZ original, Michael isn’t as ruthless as he should be. He lets Loomis live, had kid gloves with Laurie, and what’s up with showing Laurie that old photo? He had all those years with Loomis to dig up old feelings. The real MM would have killed Laurie right away.

Anyway, the movie is much improved and not much could be done with the second half.

A great edit would be to just have the first half and end it after the disappearing fork trick, when the camera freezes on Michaels insane expression.
Or, call me crazy, use that as the beginning of Carpenter’s original.
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