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OK, watching this edit reminded me of how thorn I was over the original one.
The (original) film has a very nice potential of being a good hacker movie (representing what hackers really were like in the 90's)
It had a very nice cast, a banger soundtrack and a mouthwatering lineup of old laptops.
And then they screwed it by marinading draining, and choking it in "Hollywood hacking:"

What this edit does is take the already amazing music score to unseen heights, and it is done in such a smooth technical perfect way that I would like to give an 11 for audio editing...

Videro whise it is commemorable that some screens are already replaced with decent command line (NMap?) outputs
but this is where this edit could really grow and shine
get rid of al the 3d file system navigation
replace the towers of transparent glas panes by real server racks

I know that this is a HUGE undertaking but that is what would bring this edit into the stratosphere

enjoyment was "only" an 8, but if you take in account that i would give the original film a 3 it is a HUGE improvement.

very nice edit
I can't wait to see the "hold my beer" version after my comments.
(disclaimer; me having no experience at all with FanEdits, I would really like to learn and help with making that "hold my beer" version happen)

Also: I think "the 56k upgrade" is an amazing name

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