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(Updated: November 08, 2017)
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Ever since I walked out of the theater after watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2, I knew it was a good film that would be great with some editing. I knew it didn't need an intense regrade or reordering of the scenes, moreso just a good trim to cut out some excess. Come a few months after the films release, and rb has taken that style of editing and applied it to the film with great effectiveness.

Every cut that is made here runs smoothly, and creates no feeling of a lost scene or newly formed plot inconsistency. What is removed takes a strong "less is more" approach towards pruning the movie of jokes or other moments that went on too long, making the movie run at a stronger pace that the theatrical version. Also, the removal of some key lines helped this fanedit to stay away from undercutting the tone or importance of what was going on, something the official cut struggled on in moments.

What we have left with the removal of these lines and scenes is a Guardians film that runs about the same length as the first one and recaptures that great pace of strong emotional beats and laugh out loud moments. The film no longer feels that it is trying too hard to recapture the humor of the first one. Rather, it just proves itself as a strong sequel that now has tighter editing that allows you to appreciate the big picture and more sharply feel the intended emotions of some scenes and character interactions. I can't recommend this cut enough if you loved Guardians 2, were disappointed in it, or are just looking to see what a different cut of the movie would feel like.

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