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tranzor may 18 2009

The one thing I have noticed about Grindhouse (the film, not the new term dedicated for the so called genre) is either you liked it or hated it. The most common answer being:

“I liked Planet Terror but I hated Death Proof”.

If the latter was your answer for this Tarantino/Rodriguez production, I have some good news for you: Deathproof is severely edited down and it makes it very tolerable for those that hated that feature.

Even if you are not a fan of the film, you still might be able to at least appreciate the style in which the film was presented: very schlock and lots of it. Cheap film from the 70′s mixed well with the style and campiness of the early 80′s. I am not going to give a history on grindhouse cinema or what it means. I am sure you can find more than enough info about the subject on wikipedia or google

I was a little iffy when I first read of the edits description, and that was to combine both films into one. I did not see how this was going to work without it being two different films blatantly put together and still being able to flow. I was nervous about that as I was watching this. I kept saying to myself at some point we have to have a tie in somewhere. I just finished watching this edit and my pessimism has faded. Stomachworm was able to pull this off without it being that obvious and we have one scene where it neatly, though quickly ties the two films together before ending one and just carrying on with the other.

We do run into some minor tech issues which I will mention now. First is that sometimes during slight motion scenes the picture gets blurred (like a stutter effect though not as extreme). I know that effect can occur from encoding to certain formats first or with motion search (off record and not saying it was used but the tmpg encoder has an option to fix this problem). Either way it does occur though minor, but enough for one to notice it. Then again with the type of picture this is supposed to represent it might actually end up working for it in the long run.
The second tech issue I noticed was during the editing/combing of scenes. Though the editing itself was done very well, at times when a new scene is introduced the picture will repeat the opening frame for a micro of a second. This was not an effect from the film itself but rather from joining clips. As previously mentioned it is minor.
The last tech issue deals with the sources used for the edit. The theatrical edition actually uses the films true ratio of 2:35:1. The unrated dvds were slightly zoomed in and are made as 1:85:1. During the times when footage from these 1:85 editions are being used you can see that the picture is slightly squashed to fit in a 2:35:1 ratio

Overall I enjoyed this edit and I try to pretend that I have never seen this before and in that respect see if it still makes sense and works. This does and it delivers, get it now! Another fun and entertaining edit best watched with a group of friends
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