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(Updated: January 19, 2023)
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Quite an endeavor! No gripes over cutting as it all ran smoothly as far as I could tell. Some enhancements still might be improved upon though. I was expecting more atmosphere but I get this is hard to do when dealing with HD.... I know nothing really. I've recently seen the 'N7 Cut' from krausfadr and that utilizes the source metarial quite dynamically and with greater success. Yet again, I am not a student in these arts. Soundtrack might be better.

Given the clarity brought to the plot, and the characters here; I do never-the-less suggest a clearer picture with added depth and contrast may serve to affect the angle Wakeupkeo is going for much more appropriately. Grittier being possibly impossible to get right?!?

Its alot less dreamy for sure. And counterintuitively even though there is less exposition from Deckard, we can find ourselves sympathising with the reality of his difficult situation, without distraction, and less confusion. Which is refreshing and certainly garners a whole new sense of what this Blade Runner is all about. Another great title ('An Old Fear' is classic) from Wakeupkeo as for the first time its concievable to me that Deckard is a GOOD GUY!!!

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