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Blade Runner is pretty much my favourite film and usually takes the top spot. It's always a bit awkward when your asked, "So, which edit do you like the best?" and that's tricky for me as I like different themes from all the edits. Narrative wise with "Good Guy Deckard" I'm personally glad the Unicorn scenes are gone as I never liked the whole Deckard replicant storyline and the sequel (if you bother to follow the sequel or accept it as canon) pretty much dismisses it anyway.

But with good comes the indifferent. I'm indifferent to this edit slightly as I think the whole Deckard and Rachael storyline is somewhat dead. Deckard seems more like her friend or fatherly guardian apart from towards the end where we see him approach her sleeping. This feels awkward and confusing to the audience since we aren't really given many romantic signs that have led us to this moment. So I'm afraid from a narrative point of view and with very little footage for the editor to play with, it just didn't work.

On another smaller note with the editor's vision, I'm not really sure if I felt any more or less sympathetic to the replicants. I felt we saw them less. But that didn't really make me feel anything remotely different towards the replicants from other edits.

As for the visuals, it all looks in place and the quality is great. Pollution-wise. I honestly couldn't see much difference. I'm not sure what was supposed to be more grainer and polluted? I'd probably have to see a side by side representation for comparison. But it looked pretty clear to me.

And onto the audio, the scene that leads up to the Vangelis "Love Theme" score where Rachael plays the piano, this didn't quite align unfortunately as I assume Rachael is playing to the soundtrack. I don't think the "Love Theme" is played at all throughout the film, but I'm happy to fall on my sword if I'm wrong. I couldn't fault the audio itself. Who can fault the Blade Runner soundtrack?

So overall it's an interesting take. I don't think it's my favourite. But it was different and it was worth watching to see what someone else could do with the footage that's available. It seems to have pleased a fair amount of people on here very recently so that's a recommendation for everyone else to watch it and see what they think for themselves. It's another experience to view Blade Runner.

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Owner's reply February 12, 2022

Thank you so much for the very thoughtful review!

While I am disappointed that you didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped, they are all fair criticisms! Some of my intentions didn't land well for you, great feedback to hear for possible future revisions.

The pollution levels probably would be noticable next to TM2YC's Penultimate cut, the cleanest version of BR I have ever seen. If thats not already in your library, it should be. Its amazing, and has voiceover and no voiceover versions, etc. Its the gold standard.

And the new Vangellis song was an unused song they released, to cover the saxaphone song that usually happens when Deckard forces himself on Rachel. You are right!

Anyways, in this hobby, quality constructive criticism come less often than hoped, so I thank you for the thoughtful feedback!

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