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Godzilla has always been one of my favorite monsters, and the idea of a fanedit for the 1998 version never struck me. I thought the film was just too bad to be fixed.

Well, I was wrong.

This version of Godzilla 1998 is far superior in every single aspect. The fanedit is amazing. It really changes the entire movie. I think if someone were to see this they would think the movie is totally different than how it plays out in your mind if you've seen the original cut. The pacing is way faster where it matters and the entire movie focuses on Godzilla "herself" way more. I think if you were ever able to change the soundtrack, this would be an entirely "new" film. Every single detail about it is improved.

The only reason this gets an 8/10 on visual editing is because there are a couple of jump cuts that are noticeable that do not transition so well, but again, I think everything in this movie is done with great quality, and theres really no way you could make a better Zilla 1998 film.

As for the future of Godzilla 1998, I would be interested to see the entire film edited again in HD with a new soundtrack.

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