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FanFix April 22, 2022 2581
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This was a pleasure to watch. I hated a lot of what was in the theatrical and this edit really streamlined everything down and ditched most of the silly, stupid aspects of the film (and thank God for that)

Editing, audio and video looked and sounded great--however my one gripe is the dialogue channel. Similar to the theatrical and bluray its almost just above barely audible. I remember sitting in the theater and for a lot of the dialogue I was like

"what did they just say?"

One of the worst sound level mixing jobs I have ever come across (I should clarify not the edit but the film). Seeing that much of the music was replaced and or added, this tells me the dialogue track could have been by itself and if that is true wish it would have been raised by at least 10-13DB so you can actually hear what the actors are saying, I gave it a 9 in audio and video quality for that reason (video if by itself would have been a 10)

Overall, it was a fun enjoyable and straight to the point film, worth your time to check out- cheers
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