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Full Disclosure, I watched for the first time all of GOT through Anjohan's GOT Movie edits and I used this fan edit to wrap up the series as his X is not out yet at the time of this review with his IX film just released. If you want to follow my order watch all his movies and finish the series off with the last three episodes of this edit.

Over the years even before watching GOT, I had heard how infamous the final season of GOT was. However, I had forgotten most of the points over 4 years and recently I decided to give the series a watch through Anjohan's movie edits of the show in a more condensed format. That being said, I think this edit is the best way to end the series given the material that we have and limitations. Though there are still some plot holes here and there, it did not take me out of the experience out right shocking me how certain things ended pretty much feeling like this would have actually happened if the show had gotten the writing better.

My only gripe is the ending does feel a bit disjointed and choppy with it feeling like it ends a bit abruptly. It is to be expected given what the editor has to work with, but its still a better ending that what we were originally given. Maybe another version could fix it one day if AI advances further.

I would love to see with the recent advancement in AI voice over that maybe a V4 could be made to help improve the voice over or some more cgi can help fix background moments that seem a bit jarring (I.E the wight walker hugging Knight Brienne lol)

If you at all were disgruntled by how GOT ended, this is the closest and possibly best way it can end given whats available. It isn't perfect, but its far better than what we got.

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