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This was a fantastic edit with an amazing attention to storyline, dialogue, scenes, and overall arc. We enjoyed the pace of each episode. Though some were short, each one was impactful with a heart stopping ending every time. The edits were unnoticeable for the most part except for one or two where almightycutie focused more on the importance of dialogue and the characters shifted to a new location / new clothes. We do wish there were a few scenes / storylines kept in such as Littlefinger's ultimate demise. Another sore point was unfortunately the overdubbed dialogue. While very few and far between it did take us out of the world a bit each time and could've left a bit more to the imagination / implied etc.

Having just watched the series front to back and going into this fan edit, we were anticipating how each character arc would resolve and they did NOT disappoint. Every character arc felt complete, sensible, and the attention to visual changes here really made this edit shine.

With the footage that was available, almightycutie did such a fantastic job with the ending, cut out unnecessary scenes to the story, and really made the show feel much more cohesive and complete. You can tell a lot of work was put into this and can't stress enough how well the character arcs and visual cues were paid attention to here. Definitely gives this one a go if you haven't.

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