Friday the 13th: Retold [raymix]

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Welcome to Crystal Lake
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Brief Synopsis:
The present day date is moved back by two years to set the film on a real Friday the 13th.
There are many cuts made to alter the timeline, remove filler, tighten the editing & improve the overall ambiance.
I've also made many cuts & alterations in order to make the characters more likeable.
I've used parts of the classic Harry Manfredini score from the original 1980 film to help make this one feel like a classic Friday the 13th.
This project aims to bring stronger continuity, tighter editing & improved pacing to all 12 films in the Friday the 13th movie series.
Other Sources:
Friday the 13th (2009) Killer Cut (Scream Factory blu-ray, 2020)
Friday the 13th (2009) Theatrical Cut (Scream Factory blu-ray, 2020)
Friday the 13th (2009) Deleted Scenes (Scream Factory blu-ray, 2020)
Friday the 13th Soundtrack (Waxwork Records remaster, 2014)
Friday the 13th (2009) Soundtrack (Unofficial Fan Release, 2010)
Sound Effects (
Release Information:
Editing Details:
I tried to stay true to Ken Blackwell's editing style from the original film. I didn't want anything to seem changed or altered at all.
This mostly meant sharp, quick cutting & trying to keep the energy high.
Cuts and Additions:
Opening Credits-
-added the logo
-added my fanedit production logo.
-augmented the music over the production logos & director credit with the classic F13 cue Overlay of Evil.
-removed the Platinum Dunes production logo.
-new "A Marcus Nispel Film" credit.
Pre-Title Scene-
-new music continues over the opening flashback.
-re-framed the opening shot to remove the date.
-added "Friday, June 13th 1980" text to the opening shot.
-slight slo-mo on the shot of the Camp Crystal Lake sign.
-removed the inter-cutting opening credits during the opening flashback.
-cut Pamela mentioning Jason drowning.
-re-timed some shots during the opening flashback.
-added two shots of Pamela's locket that are exclusive to the Theatrical Cut.
-slight slo-mo on the final shot of Pamela.
-added a classic F13 white-out transition to end the flashback.
Title Sequence-
-new title logo.
-new title. (Friday the 13th- Retold)
-new title sequence music created using the tracks Overlay of Evil, Alice Goes to the Lake & Kill Wade.
Going Camping-
-removed "Present Day" text.
-added "June 13th, 2007" text
-cut Richie & Wade's "We're gonna be rich" conversation.
-removed details from Wade's story about Jason that don't match my new timeline.
-removed the conversation about drinking pee.
-removed the conversation about eating a leg to survive.
-added a shot of Amanda that is exclusive to the Theatrical Cut.
-cut Richie calling Wade's GPS explanation "Dumb shit."
-augmented the music cue when Wade spots Jason with the classic F13 cue Alice Goes to the Lake.
In the Abandoned House-
-cut Mike saying "It's a little kid's room."
-cut Mike finding the name "Jason" on the headboard.
Back at the Camp Site-
-cut a shot of Amanda yelling "Richie!" while inside the burning sleeping bag.
-removed a quick & shaky shot of Amanda inside the burning sleeping bag.
Back in the Abandoned House-
-augmented the music cue when Jason attacks Mike with the classic F13 cue Mrs. V. Watches.
-augmented the music cue when Jason attacks Whitney with the F13'09 cue Kill Wade.
-removed the original opening title sequence.
At the Gas Station-
-removed the "6 Weeks Later" text from the shot of the SUV arriving at the gas station.
-added "Six Weeks Later" text to the shot of the SUV arriving at the gas station.
-tighter edit after Trent asks Lawrence for "a little help."
Clay at the Old Lady's House-
-lowered the volume during the dog-bark jump-scare so that it still works without blowing out the audio.
-augmented the music cue when the Lady says "so does HE." with the classic F13 cue Alice Goes to the Lake.
At Trent's Parent's Lake House-
-cut Trent asking Jenna to bring him a beer after the "go for a hike" talk.
Clay at the Wood Mill-
-added the sounds of the machinery coming from inside the barn as Clay approaches.
-cut Donnie saying he almost "started the whoop-ass machine" after Clay startles him.
-cut Donnie saying "I wish I had." after Clay asks if he's seen his sister.
-cut Donnie telling Clay "It's your fuckin' loss, dude."
-cut Donnie calling Clay a "Fucker." as he walks away.
Back at the Lake House-
-cut some of Nolan's horny charades behind Chelsea after she asks Trent & Jenna if they wanna go to the lake.
Jason & the Mask-
-added the Deleted/Alternate Version of Jason finding the hockey mask, starting as Donnie enters the barn.
-tied Donnie talking to the "Beaver Bear" from the Killer Cut into the Deleted Scene.
-cut Donnie looking at & licking the porn magazine.
-augmented the music cue when Donnie is decapitated with the classic F13 cue Mrs. V. Watches.
-tied the Deleted Scene back into the Killer Cut footage as Jason puts the hockey mask on.
Beer Pong At the Lake House-
-cut Chewie's toast before he "Shoots the Boot".
-improved the cut from "Shooting the Boot" to Nolan & Chelsea on the boat & skiing.
Chelsea & Nolan's Demise-
-re-framed & reused the shot of the boat after Nolan is killed to give it more time to reach Chelsea
-removed the underwater shot of Chelsea before she gets hit by the boat.
-augmented the music cue when Chelsea sees Jason with the classic F13 cue Overlay of Evil.
Clay & Jenna Go Searching-
-new music cue continues until Clay & Jenna enter the cabins.
Clay & Jenna Hide From Jason-
-augmented the music cue as Clay & Jenna hide from Jason with the classic F13 cue Overlay of Evil.
In Jason's Underground lair-
-slight speed-up as the camera travels through Jason's underground lair after Jenna trips the chimes.
-augmented the music cue during Jason's post-flashback tantrum with the classic F13 cue Mrs. V. Watches.
-cut to black as Jason slams the door after his tantrum.
-removed Whitney finding Clay's backpack, picking her lock & escaping.
Chewie Breaks the Chair-
-cut Chewie's "Wood Wizard" comment.
-cut Trent telling Chewie to "grab a flashlight."
Chewie in the Storage Shed-
-cut Chewie taking a second drink from the bottle.
At the House-
-cut Trent's stupid dialog while he's having sex with Brie.
-cut Lawrence preparing to masturbate.
-cut the shot of Whitney running toward the house.
Chewie's Demise-
-cut Chewie comparing the hockey stick to his penis.
-augmented the music cue when Jason appears behind Chewie with the classic F13 cue Alice Goes to the Lake.
Around the House-
-cut the rest of Trent & Brie's sex scene along with all the stupid dialog.
-removed Whitney arriving at the house & being re-captured by Jason.
-cut Lawrence looking in the work shed window when going to find Chewie.
-cut Brie yelling "shut up!" as Lawrence is killed.
-cut the shot of Jason on the roof.
-cut the other shot of Jason on the roof.
-Trent doesn't look into the room as long before yelling "He killed Brie!"
-cut Clay & Jenna finding Lawrence's body in the hot tub.
Trent's Demise-
-shortened the shot of Trent approaching the truck after the driver waves him on.
-cut a shot of Trent walking toward the truck, pointing his flashlight.
-augmented the music cue after Jason kills Trent with the classic F13 "Kikiki Mamama" cue.
-removed Clay & Jenna finding Chelsea's body at the dock.
Final Showdown-
-augmented the cue when Jason grabs Clay through the window with the classic F13 cue Mrs. V. Watches.
-cut the montage of various locations.
-slo-mo & fade-out on the shot of the locket sinking into the lake.
-removed Jason's return.
End Credits-
-rearranged part of the End Credits theme.
-augmented the End Credits theme using the cues Overlay of Evil, Alice Goes to the Lake & Kill Wade.
-moved the shot of Jason's mask at the bottom of the lake to post-credits.
-added underwater sound effects to the shot of Jason's mask at the bottom of the lake.
-added my production logo to the end.
-added music cue to post-credits & production logo. ( Overlay of Evil )

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(Updated: March 21, 2022)
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Ray does a good improvement in this one, trimming the most unnecessary moments/dialogue from the other characters besides Clay and Trent's girlfriend, personally I still prefer the original soundtrack from this movie, I liked what you tried to do with the 80s soundtrack, but sometimes it felt out of the place, I think it would have worked better only with the opening, a nice tribute to the first movie, I also would have liked to see Jason coming back from the dead at the end, for me it's a cool ending that proves that he's an unstoppable supernatural force, apart from that is a good FanFix that takes the theatrical/killer cut and tries to bring the best of these 2, totally recommended to those fans who wanted a more fast-paced movie and see more from our favorite hockey mask killer.

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