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Friday the 13th Part V: Jason's Legacy
February 12, 2015    
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Overview - Botched relaunch of the Friday 13th franchise, widely scorned by Jason fanboys. Root failure stems from atrocious writing, though inept, formulaic direction did not help, nor did primarily grade D acting which rarely rose above high school level. Last Survivor remedies those deficiencies by slight rearranging of the plot and extensive trimming.

Video - As would be expected of this editor, quality work here. Picture remains solid throughout. Blacks are stable, and this is a dark film. In rearranging, there is always the risk of shifts in light, especially outdoor lighting, yet there is none of that. One peculiar “error” occurs at 47.36 when the Paramount logo flashes. I take this is left in as a grindhouse joke but it is distracting.

Audio - Solid two channel audio, which is probably more than needed, when mono would have been fine. Dailogue always clear, as is every footstep, and every noisy mode of death.

Narrative - With wholesale editing, there is the risk of losing coherency. Logic does suffer slightly. It is hard to keep up with characters, who even in the original, were little more than the next meal. The whole edit has an outta control roller coaster ride feel to it, though I found that a good thing.

Enjoyment - Never my favorite Friday 13th episode, LS’s edit is a major improvement. His streamlined plot tries to vault plot nonsense with mostly good results (Though one might still wonder about the nonsensical camp for what? Horny teenage delinquents? Funded by our tax dollars?). Some will be disappointed by less kills, but Debisue Voorhees and her spectacular picnic spread remains. Great job, and my go-to for this film from now on.

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Owner's reply

Hey Vultural, thanks for your review and your kind comments. Really glad you enjoyed the edit, particularly in your thoughts on the picture quality. It's the first time I've attempted colour correction in After Effects and I have to say overall the results were very pleasing, with far more extensive options than those in Premiere Pro.

As for that subliminal Paramount logo flash... ummm, yes that was an error by yours truly. I have since gone back and corrected this, and the version you'll now find on Vimeo is now okay. Apologies for that!

Anyway, I like you, feel this is one of the weakest F13th movies so I'm glad I salvaged it for you a little. Thanks again

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