Friday the 13th - Jason Goes to Hell [raymix]

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...And He's Not Coming Back!
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Brief Synopsis:
The date is moved forward by one year so that the movie begins on a real Friday the 13th.
There are many cuts made to alter the timeline, remove filler, tighten the editing & improve the overall ambiance.
This project aims to bring stronger continuity, tighter editing & improved pacing to all 12 films in the Friday the 13th movie series.
Other Sources:
Friday the 13th Soundtrack (Waxwork Records remaster, 2014)
Jason Goes to Hell Soundtrack (Edel Screen Records, 1993)
Sound Effects (
Release Information:
Editing Details:
I tried to stay true to David Handman's editing style from the original film. I didn't want anything to seem changed or altered at all.
This mostly meant sharp, quick cutting & trying to keep the energy high.
Cuts and Additions:
Opening Credits-
-added the logo
-added my fanedit production logo.
-added music over the New Line production logo & director credit. ( Overlay of Evil [ray's Go to Hell mix] )
-new "An Adam Marcus Film" credit.
Pre-Title Scene-
-new music over the opening scene. ( F13 Main Title )
-added "Friday, May 13th 1994" to the shot of the car driving past.
-removed the FBI agent's 4th wall breaking "Clean this shit up!" line.
-moved Creighton Duke's "I don't think so..." to after the FBI agents congratulate each other.
Title Sequence-
-new title logo.
-new title sequence music. ( JGtH Main Theme [soundtrack version] )
-added sound effects during the new title sequence.
Coroner's Report-
-removed the inter-cutting opening credits during the Coroner's Report scene.
-cut some of the coroner assistant's mocking of Jason.
TV Report-
-removed dates & events from the TV report that don't line up with my new timeline.
-removed Creighton Duke's "Hot dog though a doughnut" line.
At the Diner-
-cut Duke being a jerk in the diner; Sheriff Landis is just over-protective of Diana & untrusting of Duke.
Hitchhiking Campers-
-cut Alexis, the hitchhiker, kissing Stephen.
-cut Deborah leaving the tent to pee & get a condom; She finds one in the tent instead.
Edna's Demise-
-added a squishing sound when Edna's head is crushed in the car door.
Shaving Scene-
-cut the shaving scene. (continuity error, I know. the demon eats Josh's mustache off-screen. whatever)
Possessed Robert-
-different sound effect when Robert turns the power off.
Final Showdown-
-cut the shot of the demon entering Diana.
-cut Jason's POV after he gets stabbed with the dagger.
-Jessica takes faster action as Stephen is being pulled underground.
-moved the scene of Jason's mask being pulled underground to post-credits.
-cut the dog walking up to & away from Jason's mask.
-removed the music during the 'Mask Pull Under' scene.
-replaced all the sound effects during the 'Mask Pull Under' scene. (wind, sand, leaves)
-added my production logo to the end.
-added music cue to post-credits & production logo. ( Overlay of Evil )

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