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This is truly a perfect fan-edit; a brilliant and creative concept executed flawlessly. Every edit was cinema-quality, which is not easy to pull off with a Zimmer score! Although I enjoyed both original films, I would recommend this edit over either one in isolation.

The question, then, is not whether to watch this edit, but how best to watch it. The two original films have drastically different color grading, which remains jarring despite the editor's immense efforts to remedy the issue. For that reason, I prefer the black-and-white version. However, for the sake of completeness, I should mention the two scenes which do not work as well in grayscale. First, there are a few brief (3-5 seconds) underwater shots from "Dunkirk" which the black-and-white version blurs into incomprehensible gray. This is a nitpick. Second, the striking visual of black oil creeping across crystal-blue waters in "Dunkirk" is almost entirely lost in grayscale, as the oil and the sea are largely indistinguishable from one another. However, the presence of oil in the water is still made abundantly clear through dialogue, and it can also be seen on the soldiers' faces and clothing. In terms of narrative, absolutely no clarity is lost in the black-and-white version.
Personally, I will gladly sacrifice a few cool visuals for a more uniform color grade, but those who don't find the color differences jarring may disagree with me.

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