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KennyNOL sept 4 2008

This is the first Fan Edit I ever seen on this website (third ever). Fight Club is one of my favorite movies, it caught on at first but after repeated viewings it settled into my all time favorites list. No other movie i’ve seen before and after was as witty, clever, and awesomely shot. Every single scene is perfect and put to good use, it never gets boring. Best thing? It’s a completely different movie after watching it the second time once the twist is revealed. Hardly any movie does that.

Once I heard of tthe purpose of this edit, I had to get it. I’d love to see this movie with yet another interpretation, yet this time without Narrator’s narration. I have to say the author of this edit is correct: it DOES make it really introspective and artsy. Without him narrating, it puts the movie in a different void. You’re left filling in the blanks rather than have Narrator tell you everything. It was unsettling at first, but I got used to it and began to like it. A few places are weird cause they don’t have sound effects when they should, which are places i’m sure is out of the author’s control.

Also some scenes don’t do it for me like when Narrator is explaining A x B x C = X to a flight passenger, which sounds out of place without hearing the whole narration that accompanied the previous scene. Also when Tyler Durden’s past as a projectionist and waiter is being revealed, the narrated lines “Let me tell you something about Tyler Durden” helped introduce those scenes to the audience. In this edit, its a little weird to have Narrator just “narrate” out of the blue in the background after 30 minutes of silence. It would’ve been better, as much as those scenes kicked ass in the original, if they were omitted in this edit.

Overall, I obviously prefer the original cause I do miss that awesome narration. It carried the movie and helped get you immersed in the situations that are Fight Club and Project Mayhem. But this is a must see if you’re curious to see what would happen if “Jack” really did get Laryngitis. Leaving you to figure out some stuff on your own.

Video: 4.5/5
Sound: 5/5
Edit: 4/5
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