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Let's put it straight, Fight Club is one of my Top 20 films of all time and one of the best films ever made by David Fincher. The storytelling is amazing, the special effects are great and the character development is top-notch. Everything is worth watching. Whether it’s Tyler Durden getting his face smashed or the absolute genius of the soundtrack, this movie always has something fresh and unique to offer.

So what is more to ask? The answer is this fan edit from macmilln. Taking the Edward Norton narration away from the original release is a brilliant idea and kind of pervert at the same time. It leaves you wondering what is really going into the movie.

The edits are well cut and a must-watch for any fans of the original. If I had to point something out it would be the audio. Pretty sure taking out the narration from the original release was a difficult task but sometimes I had the impression to watch the movie from a swimming pool. Like the previous reviewer already mentioned, there are so many times in the original when the overall audio track is lowered while the narration is raised. It is a bit weird for my taste.

Overall, I need to thank macmilln for giving me a very positive new experience of Fight Club. I recommend this fan edit to any David Fincher fans out there.

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