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(Updated: September 04, 2012)
flyboy 707 mar 7 2010

With such an extensive review posted by Boon23, I doubt that I can add anything to what he has already written.

I would like to echo what Boon23 writes at the beginning of his review; I have never cared whether any of the myriad of LOTR fanedits are more closer to the books or not. (I have Kerr’s version and his updates and enjoyed all 6 “books”). I grew up reading LOTR and enjoyed PJ’s movies immensly. Liike Boon23, from time to time, I will get the desire to watch a LOTR edit. I have always been of a mind (with the books as well as the movies) that there is some fat that could be trimmed. This edit does that: gets rid of a lot of “bloat” and makes a nice turn or two in a some areas other edits haven’t really addressed.

I, too, was very apprehensive about the DVD menu, seemed very basic. The edit of this movie is actually very good (see Boon’s review for details). I definitely like the more “menacing” Nazgul and Saramon.

For my “two cents” worth, if you have not watched any version of the LOTR originals or edits in a while, then this will be worth your time. Is it better or worse than any other version – not generally – just a different take. There are a wide variety of edits of this movie out there and this is another one that is worth watching.
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